Important Videos, Media

  • Thirst for Water - Powerpoint presentation

  • Overconsumpulation - Overpopulation is NOT a MYTH

  • 30 Second PSA on Population from Population Media Center

  • Excellent discussion on population from Public Radio KQED

  • Grist editor on childfree living and population

  • Global Population 100 Million.. if the world equalizes wealth and maintains comfortable life styles.

  • Girl 2 Woman video: Powerful video from Pathfinder! Share it to raise money.

  • Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures. Why countries should invest in family planning and reproductive health programs for the health and well-being of women, families and communities.

  • Conservation Through Having Smaller Families: Simply explained in a cartoon booklet: global economics, ecology, popula- tion, & family planning

  • Saving Lives with Family Planning

  • Al Bartlett's Population, Arithmetic, & the Environment - The Most Important Video You'll Ever See (8 parts)
  • Crash Course - Environment & Population

  • Chris Marten- son's Crash Course - The 'Crash' - Economics, Social & Environment (20 parts)

  • Graphical Representation of Population Growth Through History

  • Plan B Summary Presentation - Earth Policy Institute

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